Installing BZL Wallet on Ubuntu 17.10 with Linux WINE


If like me you were keen to get your hands on a BZL wallet for the exciting new Portuguese airdrop that has started, as a Linux user you may of been left disappointed.

While I imagine that the latest wallet works well in more stable distributions such as the long-term supported Ubuntu 16.04, with the latest 17.10 I had no success in getting the wallet to install. I tried building different versions from source as well as testing the QT images (that usually work) but none of these helped. I was left riddled with dependency issues despite how many libboost symlinks I produced.

So I turned to Linux WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator) and unsurprisingly the Windows executable for the latest v1.0.2 works perfectly well, as well as previous versions in fact. If you are facing the same problem as me in artful or stretch for example I’d recommend doing the same. Continue reading “Installing BZL Wallet on Ubuntu 17.10 with Linux WINE”


DeepOnion Wallet In Tails Persistent Volume


Posted below are chapters 3-5 of the tutorial “DeepOnion in Tails persistent volume” that covers configuring DeepOnion into a Tails encrypted persistence. Building from source and creating the AppImage (credit: @thxminer) in Tails are not included here as are merely tailored versions of the unix build and QT packaging instructions. For building DeepOnion in Tails from scratch please refer to the full tutorial published on GitHub, this is however not a requirement for installation.

Disclaimer: This is only one example of configuring DeepOnion in Tails, any suggestions or improvements to the configuration are more than welcome. This method has been tested in Tails from source as well as with downloaded AppImages but should otherwise be considered experimental and relevant warnings should be taken into account. Please only test with the correct version of Tails: the latest version. As of posting this is Tails 3.5. Testing and feedback is appreciated. Continue reading “DeepOnion Wallet In Tails Persistent Volume”

Tutorial: Installing DeepOnion v1.5.1 on Ubuntu/Debian

Build / Configure / Launch / Launcher / Troubleshooting

Build instructions from GitHub


Click here for latest build instructions from GitHub as versions will update.

​The following are commands needed to build on Ubuntu/Debian from scratch.
It is verified with Ubuntu 16.04, 17.04 and has also been tested on 17.10.
For configuring and troubleshooting, scroll further down.​

Continue reading “Tutorial: Installing DeepOnion v1.5.1 on Ubuntu/Debian”