Installing BZL Wallet on Ubuntu 17.10 with Linux WINE


If like me you were keen to get your hands on a BZL wallet for the exciting new Portuguese airdrop that has started, as a Linux user you may of been left disappointed.

While I imagine that the latest wallet works well in more stable distributions such as the long-term supported Ubuntu 16.04, with the latest 17.10 I had no success in getting the wallet to install. I tried building different versions from source as well as testing the QT images (that usually work) but none of these helped. I was left riddled with dependency issues despite how many libboost symlinks I produced.

So I turned to Linux WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator) and unsurprisingly the Windows executable for the latest v1.0.2 works perfectly well, as well as previous versions in fact. If you are facing the same problem as me in artful or stretch for example I’d recommend doing the same. Continue reading “Installing BZL Wallet on Ubuntu 17.10 with Linux WINE”


Installation workarounds for a corrupt BIOS: GRUB Rescue and removing the hard drive solution


In the Linux world, sometimes it’s not a hardware compatibility issue or a complication with customising your Linux systems it comes down to your computer’s BIOS.

You might of come across this page because your BIOS or efibootmgr has also corrupted, meaning that you can no longer boot from USB and otherwise change systems. One of these problems can be your BIOS registering bootloaders on EFI System Partitions (ESP), or otherwise being suck in 32-bit Legacy when you want it in 64-bit UEFI bootloading.

For me, I was luck enough to have both problems, so if you have either then you’ve come to right place! Fortunately, I was eventually able to re-install 64-bit Linux onto a new internal HDD with the compromise of 32-bit booting in Legacy, due to a faulty BIOS. Continue reading “Installation workarounds for a corrupt BIOS: GRUB Rescue and removing the hard drive solution”