Easy & Secure Thunderbird: PGP encryption with Tor Birdy for Linux

pgp-smallThe following is a step by step guide for setting up Mozilla Thunderbird using PGP with the Engmail add-on over the Tor anonymity network via the TorBirdy add-on.

This is more of a compilation of instructions based on manuals for installing and setting up Thunderbird, followed by installing and setting up TorBirdy and Enigmail add-ons. Also includes additional configuration settings for best security and easiest access, as well as a few borrowed screenshot to help you through the process.

Requirements: Full disk or system encryption using Linux, otherwise the security of this procedure is not complete. An up to date version of Tor Browser, as well as a functional internet connection.

Tested on: Linux Mint 18.1 and Lubuntu 16.10/17.04.  This should otherwise work for all Debian-based systems, as well as those where Thunderbird is available. Instructions should work for Windows and OS X from steps 2-10, after Thunderbird installation.  Continue reading “Easy & Secure Thunderbird: PGP encryption with Tor Birdy for Linux”