DeepOnion Wallet In Tails Persistent Volume


Posted below are chapters 3-5 of the tutorial “DeepOnion in Tails persistent volume” that covers configuring DeepOnion into a Tails encrypted persistence. Building from source and creating the AppImage (credit: @thxminer) in Tails are not included here as are merely tailored versions of the unix build and QT packaging instructions. For building DeepOnion in Tails from scratch please refer to the full tutorial published on GitHub, this is however not a requirement for installation.

Disclaimer: This is only one example of configuring DeepOnion in Tails, any suggestions or improvements to the configuration are more than welcome. This method has been tested in Tails from source as well as with downloaded AppImages but should otherwise be considered experimental and relevant warnings should be taken into account. Please only test with the correct version of Tails: the latest version. As of posting this is Tails 3.5. Testing and feedback is appreciated. Continue reading “DeepOnion Wallet In Tails Persistent Volume”


Easy & Secure Thunderbird: PGP encryption with Tor Birdy for Linux

pgp-smallThe following is a step by step guide for setting up Mozilla Thunderbird using PGP with the Engmail add-on over the Tor anonymity network via the TorBirdy add-on.

This is more of a compilation of instructions based on manuals for installing and setting up Thunderbird, followed by installing and setting up TorBirdy and Enigmail add-ons. Also includes additional configuration settings for best security and easiest access, as well as a few borrowed screenshot to help you through the process.

Requirements: Full disk or system encryption using Linux, otherwise the security of this procedure is not complete. An up to date version of Tor Browser, as well as a functional internet connection.

Tested on: Linux Mint 18.1 and Lubuntu 16.10/17.04.  This should otherwise work for all Debian-based systems, as well as those where Thunderbird is available. Instructions should work for Windows and OS X from steps 2-10, after Thunderbird installation.  Continue reading “Easy & Secure Thunderbird: PGP encryption with Tor Birdy for Linux”